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Bugaj/Fischer Assists Clients in Amending Vital Records to Obtain Dual Citizenship

Italian Dual Citizenship

Ronnie J. Fischer, Esq. has been able to combine her loves for genealogy and the law by helping clients amend vital records to obtain citizenship in foreign countries.

Many countries allow people to acquire dual citizenship by descent, letting them claim citizenship if their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were born in that country. In order to apply for citizenship from another country, individuals are required to provide documentation of their lineage in the form of birth, marriage, and death records. Oftentimes, the ancestors' names in these records do not match exactly, as names were frequently misspelled or nicknames used. Other times, certain ancestors born in the 1800s or early 1900s might never have been issued formal birth certificates. In both of these cases, the individual looking to apply for citizenship by descent must obtain an amended, or in some cases a delayed, vital record. Attorney Fischer was first asked to help someone who was unable to find an attorney willing to file the necessary documents to amend her ancestor's birth certificate, as not many attorneys have experience with such filings. Since then, Attorney Fischer has helped numerous clients obtain amended and delayed birth certificates and amended marriage certificates in counties throughout the Commonwealth.